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    Spiritual Selfies Café Expressive Writing Workshop

Offered under the Spiritual Selfies," Reflections of An Ordinary Women Embracing An Extraordinary God" framework. Our Spiritual Selfies Cafe' is personal development, coaching, and expressive writing program offered to at-risk and ambitious young women who are focused on their journey of success as they transform in purpose, healing, and self-discovery. 

The class is being restructured to an online platform
We will resume in the Fall of 2020 
Shout Out to the Ladies who participated in our last class!​

Registration is Required and will open in August
Indicate that you are registering for the  Writing Workshop. There is a non-refundable $ 10.00 registration fee.

The Fee:
1.Secures your Investment in Self-Care 

Women Of Change Outreach Enterprise -Texas Specialized Telecommunications Assistance Program Vendor (STAP)
 Due to COVID-19 our Dallas offices are closed.Unfortunately we are suspending all equipment installation until further notice.We will provide services via the phone as much as possible, or we will reschedule. We want you to be safe and healthy. 

Thank you,
Wanda Simms, CEO
At Women Of Change Outreach Enterprise, we take care to provide our customers in Texas high-quality services personalized for their unique needs.
W.O.C Outreach Enterprise is a proud vendor with Texas Health and Human Services. We provide basic specialized assistive equipment and installation services to people who have a disability that interferes with their access to telephone networks. You must have a voucher issued to you from the state to receive the equipment.

Job Placement Service Provider with Colorado Division Of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR) 
Due to COVID-19 Our Offices are closed!
W.O.C. Publishing Job Placement Service provides 
job-related services, including, job-seeking skills training, job placement, and job coaching services. Our clients are young adults and adults with disabilities referred directly from the Counselors at Division of Vocational Rehabilitation. 

We help empower our clients, by providing an opportunity for them to discover and follow their career interest after assessing their skill sets and capabilities.Based on the outcome of our assessment we will strategize a plan to determine the right employment needs of each individual client.
  Mobile Notary Service
    Notary Signing Agent

Call 719-297-7001 to request Notary Service
Email request: wsimms@wocpublishing.org
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